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X-OCN encoded footage from the F5, F55 and venice is now supported. This node uses Smart Vectors to warp a corner-pinned image between keyframes. Selection modes, bounding box and channel UI updates. Introducing nuke.3, nuke.3 brings greater control and flexibility to LiveGroups, new timeline stereo and VR workflows, bounding box and channel management features, plus significant particle performance improvements! Powerful compositing, editorial and review. Seamless stitching of mono or stereo VR content.

Multiview stereo support, new Timeline Multiview support means you can now utilize the same multi file workflows that exist in Nuke on the Nuke Studio and Hiero timeline, with support for the V token on import, an automatic detect views option, new project settings and. Discover how our customers are using Cara VR to accelerate the creation of high-quality live-action virtual reality content. The Sonnet eGFX Breakaway box and BlackMagic eGPU have both been tested with Nuke.3. See the documentation for full details. Jason Gagnon Lookdev Supervisor, MPC, we have a good relationship with Foundry; they're keen to push the software further and make things simpler for the artists while keeping up with industry standards.

The user can set keyframes using to and from knobs, just like in the CornerPin node, but between keyframes the source image will move according to the additional Smart Vector input. Who's Using Cara. Raphael Hamm Senior Compositor, Double Negative. Both of these features introduce new UI indications and additional Python hooks for integration. New locking functionality introduces an editable and non-editable state in place of the previous make local workflow, providing more nuanced control when changes are made. Pipeline updates in Nuke.3, pipeline updates: arri and Sony SDKs and GPUs. A new VectorCornerPin node has been added to the Smart Vector toolset in NukeX. Installation Tutorial, install Nuke, install FLT7, go to C:Program FilesThe FoundryLicensingTools7.1 and start FoundryLicenseUtility as Admin. Start Nuke and choose install license then Use server.