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to file a proper bug report but I wanted to mention it and see if anyone could duplicate. What type of os does the ps2 run? Infinite Power stone patch1,EE,0031a3b0,byte,25 /Infinite Speed Stone patch1,EE,0031a3b2,byte,25 /Infinite Ability Stone patch1,EE,0031a3af, byte,25 /Infinite Mana Stone patch1,EE,0031a3b1,byte,25 /Infinite Gil patch1,EE,0031a028,word,99999 /Tidus Infinite L patch1,EE,0031b8e7,byte,25 /Yuna Infinite L patch1,EE,0031b97b,byte,25 /Rikku Infinite L patch1,EE,0031bc5f,byte,25 /Auron Infinite L patch1,EE,0031ba0f,byte,25 /Khimari Infinite L patch1,EE,0031baa3,byte,25 /Wakka Infinite L patch1,EE,0031bb37,byte,25 /Lulu.

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But now the game is like in turbo mode and everything is sped up like the music. This happens on all games. Cheats aren't working for some reason. I don't know what any of the aforementioned red text means, I just know it has never showed up for me before this. There are pretty drastical frame drops and slowdown in several areas of the game, I tried enabling and disabling a lot of options for the video configuration and also changing the resolution and some of these changes made the game run better but the performance still leaving some things. Thanx /Mike, ive recently just got pcsx2 to play my game after a flagship of problems. I will add more eventualy!