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their parameters (speed, strength, etc. Added a new, General jumper uniform. Added Practice jerseys for all teams.

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EA force you through a kafkaesque nightmare of registration b*llox before you can even email them - for a game to be out this long and not have executable patches or any gamepad config options is a disgrace. And here is the content: Current settings, transfers all teams of the Polish League (as well as the second Division). Desktop publishing tool (version.1) allowing players to, among other things. I've had other problems with EA games - namely with C C Zero hour - and it seems from gamer forums that they are notorious for sh*t support. What a complete piece of crap even with the update (which steadfastly refused to install, I did activex/default brwser settings above and at least got it to attempt to download, but the page kept locking up - EA's website is a f*cking joke) the controller. Game is almost unplayable using keyboard. Removes the players created in CC to take their place, a new (this operation can fix errors in a career that occur on some computers). F*cking c*nts - reckon I can get a refund? The creation of new players (we set the name, weight, growth, and even the type face! "Eliminator GamePad Pro" 10 "Eliminator GamePad Pro" "Gravis Eliminator GamePad Pro" 10 "Gravis Eliminator GamePad Pro" "Eliminator Aftershock" 10 "Eliminator Aftershock" "Gravis Eliminator Aftershock" 10 "Gravis Eliminator Aftershock" "Gravis Gamepad" 4 "Gravis Gamepad" "Gamepad" 4 "Gamepad" "Gravis Gamepad" 4 "Gravis Gamepad" "Destroyer Tiltpad" 6 "Destroyer. Fixed GKS'u for t-shirts, Lech, Legion, Chase, Polonia, dawn, Widzew.