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Wikipedia links Fixed counts of Zollern Fixed date of birth/death and mother for Otto III. Also makes the trigger with the same name return true. This can be used anywhere, but should be especially useful for portrait modders combat scope change should now properly scope to a combating flank from a flank leader scope in addition to the functionality to scope to the flank from a subunit leader. Only affected the.7.1 beta You no longer require Monks and Mystics to rank up within Secret Religious Societies Must now be an adult to found a Secret Religious Cult You will no longer notify yourself when publicly adopting a secret religion It should. If none of the triggered texts return true, this will be used instead if defined. Patch.7.X are all patches beginning with.7, and linked. Having such a large dynasty still isn't recommended, but should no longer grind the game to a near halt Fixed granting someone independence by giving them a title of your tier not reducing your threat Fixed the game crashing if you deleted a trade post. The fallback text cannot have a trigger, and only one can exist Fixed the error log complaining if you use "set_mother 0" Added is_interested_in_any_society yes/no trigger. Can be saved as event targets Added a save_conversion folder in "common" which handles converting obsolete objects in saves. The AI is less likely to join the Elective faction unless their liege is a tyrant. They now get the tech from the province they spawned.

The AI is way more likely to back a claimant if they hate their liege. Fixed an issue when the ai was evaluating the decision to found a secret religious cult. This change also means that it should now be possible to reference the previous characters outside "immediate" and similar without the game crashing same_society_as trigger will no longer be true when both characters are not part of a society.

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Hunt Apostates: Have your Court Chaplain search for heretical Societies to reveal the members and have them punished, while also increasing your Piety gain! Reduced the prestige to half. They have the properties GetName, GetTitledGrandMasterName, GetTitledNextGrandMasterName, GetCurrency, and GetNameCap society_currency can be exported to variables using export_to_variable Added console commands join_society, leave_society, society_rank_up, society_rank_down, show_all_societies, society_currency, and set_society_grandmaster Added console commands add_artifact and destroy_artifact Added event effect 'show_portrait' Added set_artifact_flag / clr_artifact_flag effect (see. The Overthrow Liege faction will now only institute Elective monarchy if all Council Power laws are set to 'Council'. The default is to use the same as the type being checked; religion default to public, secret_religion to secret, true_religion to true. Won't fix old crashing saves Fixed the game not being properly seeded in single player, leading to some outcomes on game start always being identical Reduced (but did not eliminate) the size of the small lag spike on the daily tick Fixed the opinion bonus. The Overthrow Liege faction will now also enact two Council Power laws upon success. Works like "tooltip_info trait except it takes an event modifier instead of a trait "tooltip_info yes" will now highlight the event option without adding to the tooltip, allowing a more specific explanation to be added using custom_tooltip instead Added a new_artifact scope Added artifact_owner and.

It also means that the "religion" trigger and similar can be used within a society scope Added a secret_religious_cult scope, which will scope to the cult associated with the character's secret religion. Checksum gmtv, Retrieved from " ".

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