warcraft 3 update 1.30 downloaden

browsing the site is definetly when I take part best lens calibration software in tournaments. All custom games from all gateways are now visible in the lobby browser Port forwarding is no longer required to host your favorite map for custom games Updated custom game listing to have all games (for filtering) but list still shows the first 100 games. Blizzard released the first official live patch into the direction of Warcraft 3 Reforged! Leaving and rejoining a lobby with full observers can cause a crash if at least one player is on a Mac. Ladder Balancing hero unit udpates. The area of effect from the Glaives changes from a circle into a line. Warcraft 3 Patch.30.2 Summary What is new? Is it too much maybe? Step 2 You can uninstall Warcraft 3 before if you want, or install.30.2 as a repair.

Blizzard is happy for feedback and is implementing requests of users! The Lobby and custom game experience has. To take take part in the Warcraft 3 Public Test Realm, download the file and install.

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Ensure you are logged in, and browse to Classic Games. We hope to have Glaives tracking their targets and ready for the next balance patch though the updates are not included in this PTR. A few competitive maps have been adjusted. Other changes: Cannon Tower: Base Stats: Build time reduced from 75s to 65s and gold costs reduced from 200 to 150. Heroes generally shouldnt check every box for potential roles Reducing Acid Bombs single target damage better focuses him in a support role - recent tweaks to Healing Spray cemented him as a great alternative healer for any race, and those effects have been positive. Neutral Heroes Changelog: Pitlord: Base Stats: 1 Agility. Warcraft 3 Patch.30! Bug Fixes World Editor WC3 Patch.30 Bug Fixes Mac Joining a custom game no longer results in a crash Mac Loading a saved game no longer results in a crash Mac Client no longer crashes when switching between expansions Mac Cinematics work again Mac. Items Changelog: Wand of Lightning Shield: Duration reduced from 20 seconds to 10 seconds, that reduces the total damage from 400 to 200.

warcraft 3 update 1.30 downloaden

In the WC 3 menu browse the icon next.
Warcraft 3 TFT Patchnotes.30.2 WC 3 Reforged Verification Balancing Changes Warcraft 3 Patch Download.30.2 Installation Guide.
Here are some of the current issues if you update to WC.30.2: It is hard to find ladder games in the t right now, the ELO players get queued.PTR Warcraft.
Try running wc 3 through "Warcraft III Launcher.

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